A local Betoota Heights wife has confirmed to The Advocate today that the cold snap has certainly arrived.

The much talked about weather pattern in office kitchen rooms and bowling clubs has reportedly hit the Channel Country this week, after Tessa Simmons was spotted with 4 layers on and a thick blanket sprawled across her home office set up.

“I’m about to turn the heater on too,” said the local woman on a work-from-home day who is facing the chilling 18-degree temperatures out here in the Diamantina.

Her confirmation about the arrival of the Antarctic blast comes following Sydney, Brisbane and Canberra experiencing there coldest morning of 2021.

Places like Kempsey and Tamworth in NSW got down near the 0 degrees mark yesterday with Brisbane expected to have a frostbitingly cold low of 12 degrees today.

However, up here in the Diamantina, Tessa reckons it feels way colder than meteorologists are saying.

“It’s freezing, I’ve got thick socks on and my feet feel like they are about to fall off,” said the local woman doing her best wicked old lady in shawl movie character impression this morning.

“That cold front has certainly arrived.”

It’s believed the nation’s mums have also confirmed that someone has definitely left a window open somewhere in the house or the office, as there’s an icy draft coming in from somewhere.

More to come.


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