A Betoota Heights woman is today wondering if maybe the man of her dreams really is out there. 

This comes after a chance encounter at a friend’s house party this weekend, when she stumbled across a hidden gem. 

After a couple of deadshit boyfriends in a row, Ashliegh Wilson said she was blessed to bump into a bloke who might have some serious boyfriend qualities. 

“The Thor get up already had my attention, and then he dropped a niche joke about what happened in Budapest, which only legit Marvel fans would get,” laughed the often closeted MCU fan. 

“From then on we went down a rabbit hole on the new Loki series, and the God of Mischief and all that stuff before my mate spewed on herself and I had to take her home” 

The young bachelorette explained that she often keeps her love of the MCU to herself, so much so that she didn’t even trot out one of her comic costumes she has patiently sitting in the wardrobe at home for her mate’s Movie Character party. 

“It was like my very own little rom com adventure,” continued the young woman who has already spent half an hour talking about this new guy with her other quiet Marvel fan girlfriend. 

“He’s obviously not Hotboy Hiddleston, but he’s got a bit of a Hemsworth thing going on.” 

Wilson explained that she’s waiting for him to be weird about introducing her to his friends or something like that, but currently she’s enjoying the emotional ride. 

“He asked for my insta profile rather than my number, but I can look past that for now.” 

“Look, maybe a little bit of Disney+ and chill,” she giggled. 

“Watch the Loki finale, maybe a bit of Black Widow.” 

“Who knows.” 

More to come. 


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