As he proudly stands in front of the class, ten year old Jayden Nicholls waits for his peers to quieten down and notice him before he presents his latest grab for attention- the old inserting a sewing needle under the top layer of his skin trick.

It’s alleged that Jayden’s teacher, Mr Mulaney, was running late that morning, which gave Jayden the chance he needed to do something stupid.

It’s unknown where Jayden got the needle from or how he discovered the neat new trick, but it’s likely that his older brother had something to do with it.

But for an added touch of psychopathy, Jayden has chosen a needle with a bit of thread still hanging out. “Yoooo everyone, watch this!” Showing off the needle and thread like he’s a magician about to prepare his first trick, Jayden slowly slides the needle through his skin before wiggling his fingers at his enraptured audience.

“Yuccck Jayden omg.”

“How are you doing that??”

Not one to miss out on the possible adulation of the entire classroom, resident bully/ junior AFL champion Michael Grant, takes to the stand to prove his prowess. Choosing the largest needle out of the small pack offered, Michael foolishly grins to his mates before jamming it into his thumb. “ARRGHGHHHHHHHHHHHHHH.”

It’s at this moment that a severely hungover Mr Mulaney rocks up to class, which has quickly descended into a chaos of blood-curdling screams and haunting laughter.

More to come.


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