A late nineties model Sony television has been spared several trips to the tip over the last decade, out of respect to the life-changing films it once relayed to the family via a matching Sony VHS machine.

It is believed that the ‘fat-back’ TV probably still works, not that anyone has any idea where to find the cords necessary to plug it into the antenna connector.

With the collection of iconic family friendly video tapes, including a few that were taped from free-to-air TV, no one seems to know where the video player has gone, and therefore the ‘tube style’ TV is essentially rendered useless.

“You wouldn’t even be able to hook it up to the old Xbox” says, Dad, who despite being quite technological inept, still knows what an HDMI cable is.

However, the Japanese-made colour television is expected to stay in the garage, as no one can bring themselves to do away with the machine that brought the family so much joy during Sunday night viewings of Cool Runnings and Liar Liar.

While the current model of online streaming only works on the new LED screen in the living room, which is also hooked up to a surround sound system, it is agreed that nothing will bring as much laughter and tears to the now empty-nest household as the  old fat-back did.


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