If there’s one thing little brother James Thompson wants more than anything in the world, it’s the approval of his older brother Stephen.

A notion that seems entirely impossible, given that the age difference is a solid few years – Good one, mum and dad.

But that’s not going to stop him from desperately trying to win his brother’s affections, which is something that Stephen is more than happy to take advantage of come chore day.

Or really, whenever he’s feeling bored and a little sadistic and wants to see just how much he can influence his brother’s behaviour. Such as the time he urged his brother to wear his ‘cool’ Spiderman costume in front of his friends, as they all collectively took turns making fun of him.

This consistent bullying has done little to curb Jame’s need for validation from his brother and though it will likely cause self-esteem problems that require therapy in the future, for now, James is still pretty damn resilient.

In fact, he’s still fairly certain if he plays his cards right, he may have his way into his brother’s coveted friendship circle of cool kids – which will surely work, if he manages to land a proper kickflip on his scooter, which he just so happens to be riding where the group is sitting.

Unfortunately for James, his brother can see right through his plan and has no qualms in letting him know just how transparent his grab for attention is.

“Stop trying to act cool.”

“No one’s impressed bro.”

Sullenly riding a little further down the road but still within viewing distance, James continues to practice his kickflips in the off chance one of his brother’s mates looks over and decides to swing him some encouragement.

More to come.


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