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The Chief Minister of the ACT and the person who gives him medical advice has declared the capital open to people from Brisbane again – in case anybody cares.

“People from Brisbane can come and visit Canberra from tomorrow,” said the ACT’s de facto leader, Andrew Barr.

“It’s an exciting time. I mean coming to Canberra, not the current situation, which is not that good. But everything in Canberra is open, you can do all the shit like go to Questacon and the portrait gallery,”

“Play golf up at the Fed, good course but not too stuffy. Go watch a show, make a fool of yourself at the casino. Mate, you can even cook your own steak at the Kingo and not feel like you’re going to get flogged by some bikie looking blokes like you would in Brisbane,”

“Canberra reminds me of Brisbane in 1988, when they had the expo. Every year is 1988 in Canberra, actually. No, that doesn’t sound very good. You can smoke pot inside a private home. You can catch some redfins in the lake. Trust me, you guys can come down from Brisbane and we’ll have a great time.”

The rest of the Chief Minister’s press conference will be played on ABC2 at 2am AEST.

More to come.


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