The tropical capital of Australia has been discreetly left out of Milo Yiannopoulos’ national tour, after organisers realised the prominent shit stirrer might cop a bit more heat in Brisbane than in the Southern cities.

“Not gonna roll the dice on that. Not a chance” said Brisbane mayor, Graham Quirk.

“You saw what happened to those morons at The Lord Stanley last week”

“if the Gold Coast wants to host this sicko, they can have him. I will not be a party to the inevitable violence that occurs if he brings his shit up here”

This comes after several protesters were locked up outside the controversial British commentator’s secret Sydney event tonight.

The function venue Le Montage in Lilyfield was heavily guarded with mounted police, officers on bicycles, riot squad, marine police and police vans barricading the event after several arrests were made at his Victorian event on Monday night.

It is believed the Brisbane Broncos clubhouse were consulted about the possibility of hosting the alt-right speaker, before former players Gorden Tallis and Justin Hodges appeared and began threatening to assault members of The Penthouse event planning team

“You have rocks in your head if you want to bring that pedo apologist up here” said one punter, Lee, who was playing More Chillis at the time.

“If Snoop Dogg wasn’t allowed to visit here than that cunt can’t either”



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