In some big news for our nation’s educational instituions, Nikki Webster could be moving schools!

The hot gossip ciruclating in every single school this week, comes just 20 years after the young superstar lit up the Sydney Olympics and the rumour mill in Australia.

Webster famously wowed the world at the age of 13 when she performed at the Opening Ceremony, causing millions of kids to spread rumours about her next school.

Now, following the news that the Brown Snake has won the right to host the 2032 Summer Olympiad, the rumour mill has gone back into overdrive.

“My cousin reckons my aunty said she’s movimg to our school cause she got too famous at her own one,” said Ispwich student Kade (13) this morning.

“And cause now she is gonna be doing Brisbane and stuff”

“They just want to move her to a new school so she can focus on learning and stuff”

“Yeah apparently she’s too famous in Sydney now. She’s had to move here”

Kade then confirmed that Nikki should be arriving in the next few weeks.

“My sister has already baggsed showing her around though.”


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