After reclaiming the Nationals crown this morning, the new king of the party is reportedly celebrating like one tonight.

Following a few celebratory schooners of rum and coke down in the capital, it can be revealed that the new Deputy Prime Minister has just ordered himself a large Mega Meatlovers pizza for dinner!

And a lava cake too, thank you very much!

The glorious Monday night dinner comes after Barnaby Joyce beat Michael McCormack in a leadership spill this morning, winning back the job he was sacked for twice in the past.

His big win comes with a big pay rise as well, with his parliamentary salary jumping up two hundred grand from the 211,000 he was previously on.

So, as a result of the inflated pay he’ll be getting going forward, Barnaby’s has decided to treat himself to a premium range dominoes pizza.

“Value pizzas are off the menu boys and girls,” said rummed up Member for New England after ordering himself 8,000 kilojoules worth of grub.

“Lava cake and a bottle of coke too, if you don’t mind. Full day’s Recommended Dietary Intake in one sitting,” he laughed.

“Fucking get that into ya, Barnaby’s back baby.”

More to come.


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