20-year-old Keegan Sing has today confirmed all rumours that he listens to Joe Rogan Podcasts, after rocking up to smoko with a container of medium rare elk meat.

He’s just one of millions of young Australians who subscribe to the broscientific and intense hobbyist ideals of the American stand-up comedian, martial arts expert and podcast host.

It is believed Keegan’s interest in the iconic American social commentator came through the organic gateway that is his vague interest in UFC.

After starting work on a new job over 45 minutes away from his home, it appears Keegan had been looking for something to listen to on his way to and from site.

That’s where he found Joe Rogan.

From there, his recreational drug use and dietary requirements began to change rapidly

The new diet, paired with his newfound interest in cannabis products and DMT, as well as his a growing hatred for political correctness, has resulted in a complete early-20s rebrand – something that has been traditionally centred around dance music and weightlifting.

“Nah. Man I can send you a few links” says Keegan, after being questioned about why the fuck he hasn’t eaten any vegetables for about three weeks.


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