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The Coalition government has hit back at criticism that they haven’t been including the Opposition in their plan to combat the coronavirus today by explaining that Labor leader Anthony Albanese is more than welcome to attend Emergency National Cabinet Meetings as long as he’s happy sitting on the floor.

“Albo is more than welcome to join the meetings,” said Scotty From Marketing’s confidante Stuart Robert.

“He can come down to the Prime Minister’s office and join in with Mr Morrison if he wants,”

“It’s just that we don’t have enough seats at the moment. You know, we’re in a bit of a lockdown here so sourcing seats has been a bit harder than normal. If Albo is happy sitting on the floor, he can come to the next one. It’s not that we’re trying to exclude him, it’s just a matter of having enough seats.”

The Member for Forde (van Manen) has been tasked with organising the video link meetings between the Prime Minister and the State Premiers that make up the National Cabinet.

So far, he says, things have been running smoothly.

“Except for the seating issues, of course.”

The Advocate spoke briefly to Mr Albanese, who said he was neither happy nor sad about sitting on the floor.

“I’m not above anything,” he said.

“Except for the Sydney Roosters! [laughs]”

“No, I’ll be there. I might actually lean against a wall and cross my arms. But we welcome the government including the Labor Party in discussions. Of course, this is a tangle that’s going to take years to unravel.”

“As in, past the next election.”

More to come.


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