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The former Prime Minister Tony Abbott made some controversial remarks overnight in his native London where he argued that restarting the economy is more important than protecting the nations elderly and immunocompromised.

Speaking to a gala of a couple dozen English and Australian people, Mr Abbott explained that the cure for the coronavirus might have cost more than the virus itself and that the elderly should essentially be made martyrs to the all-mighty dollar.

That is, he said, unless they’re about to be burned to death in a fast-approaching bushfire.

“Saving people from a bushfire and saving people from some superflu are two different things,” he said.

“The left-wing media will probably try to spin what I’m saying is something like, ‘old people aren’t worth saving – unless we’re saving them from a bushfire,’ or something like that,”

“That’s not what I’m trying to say. What I’m saying is that old people are largely expendable when it comes to the economy. If we just let this superflu delete the last remnants of the Greatest Generation and their past-their-used-by-date Boomer children, the economy would recover quick as lightning,”

“But as with most things of this nature, it will only be the poor who suffer. Which is sad but ultimately not my problem because they don’t bleed blue at the polls.”

More to come.


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