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A FOX SPORTS SOUND recordist’s world has come crashing down around him this morning after learning that he’s not fucking transparent and people can’t see through him.

Despite feeling invisible throughout high school and university, Michael Poon was able to keep his job after the sports network axed 4700 employees after Jarryd Hayne got dropped from the San Francisco 49ers.

Spending the odd afternoon each weekend recording the sound from the sidelines of football grounds across the eastern seaboard, the 28-year-old thought he was still as invisible as he was back in the day.

“Turns out I’m not see-through,” he said.

“When I was ambling up and down the sideline with my boom mic, I always like to stop where the action is, so I can get the best sound for the viewers at home,”

“I discovered recently that I’m not as transparent as I thought I was. At Shark Park over the weekend, people were calling me names that would make a Townsville townie shudder, it was next level. But I’m not sorry.”

Cronulla fourth-year apprentice builder and first home buyer, Cameron “Skizdog” Lewis, was one of the neck-tattooed punters screaming at the FOX Sports employee during their huge win a few weeks back.

The 21-year-old says he paid good money for his seats and he didn’t deserve to have some “fucking moron” stand between him and a Benny Barba four-pointer.

“Just fucking look at the cunt,” he said.

“Standing there doing fuck all, you’d think the cunt was building a road for the council. Don’t get me started on the touchie, that wok-eyed fuck’s been watching the wrong game all day, fuck him,”

“Anyway, mate. Does that cunt think he’s see through? Fuck me! Good win, but. I’m gunna be bending a few nails tomorrow thats for sure.”

The Advocate approached both FOX and the NRL for comment, both of which have yet to reply.

More to come.


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