After years of hard work, sacrifices and many tubs of two minute noodles, third year uni student Isaac Peltman has officially landed his first industry related job.

The business student is said to have been offered a job at a local marketing agency, after interning as part of the uni placement.

Unlike a lot of other digital agencies who dangle the prospect of a job in an effort to make students work twice as hard, the place Isaac interned at actually came through with their promise of creating a part time position specially for him.

Better yet, it’s alleged Isaac will be pulling in a whopping $42K a year for only three days a week of work. Which isn’t too bad for someone who hasn’t even graduated yet.

Unfortunately for Isaac, he’s never heard of pro rata before and is yet to discover that the job he’s spent years training for pulls in less money per hour than it takes to scrape plates at the local tavern.

Which of course, he finds out not by checking his contract but by receiving his first paycheck.

Our reporter was nearby picking cigarette stubs out of the bin when Isaac received the damning email.

“What the actual fuck. Surely they’ve made a mistake?”

“That’s illegal, right?”

It’s alleged Isaac later went into another meltdown when he discovered that the second job he took to cover bills was pointless, as he loses almost a third of his pay to tax free threshold.

More to come.


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