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June Watson had a fairly straightforward list of groceries to purchase when she entered Aldi today, however, a trip down the special buys aisle has meant June’s now found herself back home admiring her brand new dishwasher. 

This should come as no surprise to any Aldi veteran, but as June is only a recent adopter of the German supermarket, arriving home with a boot full of loot is still new to her. 

“I’m not too sure what happened” she revealed to our reporter while leaning against her new dishwasher. 

“All I went in there for was milk, eggs and toothpaste” 

“I remember going down the special buys aisle but then it all gets a bit blurry” 

What June’s explaining is known as The Aldi Effect, a momentary state of unconsciousness that people’s minds put them in when they sense a special buy aisle.

Researchers are looking into why our brains have evolved to do this, early results indicate it’s a coping mechanism. 

“Our brains don’t want to stop us getting a bargain, so they just shut off the rational part whenever their human vessel enters the special buys aisle” Professor Alf Morris told our reporter. 

“We see very high numbers of the Aldi Effect throughout Europe, so it’s exciting to see it begin in Betoota.” 

More to come.  


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