A group of first-year uni students have today decided to shake things up for lunch and have something other than Mi Goreng for a change, it’s reported.

Per the suggestion of the eldest student Lisa, who’d become somewhat of a mother figure to the pack, the four engineering undergraduates made a beeline towards their local Sushi Train for some much-needed sustenance.

Having come from mostly middle-class backgrounds, where their every need had been catered for by their parents, Lisa says the recent school leavers were having a bit of trouble adjusting to adult life.

“I think it’s been a bit of a shock”, says Lisa, “you realise everyone is just constantly poor, tired or hungry.”

“Or if you’re studying mechanical engineering, all three.”

In between juggling four subjects and working enough hours so that they could afford the over-priced campus student accommodation they’d stupidly signed up for, Lisa says no one had time to eat, let alone cook a decent meal.

Scraping together what little they had leftover from their Youth Allowance check, they’d splashed out and ordered themselves some $12 Udon Noodles and a few bottles of Asahi beer. However, when it came to paying the bill, the four uni students were horrified to find that the restaurant didn’t split four ways and someone would have to take the fall – causing the group to awkwardly shoot furtive glances at one like they were in a spaghetti western gunfight.

When the silence stretched on for a couple of beats too long, Lisa reportedly handed in her card, making everyone promise that they’d all pay her exactly $15.67. More to come.


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