A year eight classroom has united today, after their teacher Mr Ellis made the mistake of divulging a detail from his personal life.

Taking a small break from teaching the class about the adorably named but thoroughly confusing ‘box and whisker plots’, Mr Ellis casually mentioned a rock concert he went to in his youth.

Deep down, he should have known a class of 14-year-olds didn’t really know or care about Creedence Clearwater Revival tour, but he secretly welcomed the reprieve from talking about algebra to reliving his best years.

“I know you wouldn’t believe it but I used to go to music festivals too”, says Mr Ellis as he points at his rolled-up khaki trousers, “used to be cool too”

“I remember going to my first one, the Creedence Clearwater Revival tour”, he continues, looking wistfully into the distance.

“What year was that, Mr Ellis?”

“Oh, hmmm, I believe it was 1972? Great decade for music that was. Saw Bowie in ‘78 at what used to be called the Lang Park. Think you all call it the Suncorp Stadium now? Unforgettable night, don’t think the government was too keen on it though haha.”

‘Why’s that sir?”

“People in that area of town were a lot more conservative than they are now. Apparently you could hear Bowie all the way from Mount Coot-tha.”

More to come.


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