As Facebook stays full of spicy cough memes and graphs, one thing is conspicuously absent – anti-vaxxer memes from that auntie that sometimes shows up at family barbecues, trying to talk about stupid shit like chemtrails and the high-speed rail bushfire conspiracy.

“We do tolerate her, she’s ok until you get her talking” said nephew Boris, 29.

“She must have got the jab now she’s realised her freedoms are actually about to be taken away from her.”

“Last time I made the mistake of striking up a conversation we got into an argument about whether the world was going to end in 2012. She said that the Mayans were so smart that they knew the world would end 5000 years into the future.”

Boris’ brother Kevin said he had immediately noticed the improvement, although it took a while for him to realise what it was.

“Last time Auntie Vera posted something like “Mercury is in retrograde but at least it isn’t in my children” with a black and white picture of an antique glass syringe. I had this big argument with her about mercury not being in childhood jabs anymore and there not being any link to autism and she just laughed and called me a ‘sheep’”.

But while Boris and Kevin are enjoying the peaceful interlude, their opinions are divided on how long the moment will last.

Whilst Kevin is confident that Auntie Vera is a changed woman, Boris isn’t so sure.

“I do get worried that she will be back to her old self, posting poorly-researched conspiratorial scaremongering bullshit once this thing blows over,” says Boris.


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