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Peter Mulligon, a Glenn Innes man-of-the-land, has expressed his outrage and disgust to The Advocate this morning at the prospect of having to go back to the polls shortly for another by-election.

Though the 51-year-old says he’d vote for the Nationals candidate again, he drew the line at endorsing the Deputy Prime Minister Barnaby Joyce.

“Mate, he has to go. Just look at all the prolapse. This is a prettier sight than going back to the polls,” he said.

“This is some good old-fashioned Sir Joh-style corruption. Barnaby’s even spoken of how much he idolised the big Dane from Brisbane. You just have to look at the facts. Anybody would come to the same conclusion. He has to go,”

“And on top of that, the Prime Minister has been implicated in this whole mess as well. Just you wait and see, these blokes will handball the job to Bill Shorten before the next Easter. This entire mess is disgusting.”

When asked about who should foot the bill for the unavoidable New England by-election this winter, Mr Mulligon said the bloke who’s putting Barnaby up in Tamworth should – seeing as though he’s got money to burn.

The Advocate reached out to some other employees at the Glen Innes diary and what our reporter uncovered was nothing short of chilling.

One diary hand said he’d lost faith in The Nationals and they’re apparent cronyism, which is why he’s looking elsewhere for political representation.

“If this goes to a by-election, I’m donkey voting.”

More to come.


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