With his eyes wide and no one from his Brissy school to keep him centered, James West has just considered a character re-invention.

The first-year Law and Business Student at South Betoota Polytechnic mulled the thought over today after making an understandable Orientation Week error.

The young fella did so after wandering through the O-Week stalls set up in the main quad today, and assuming that the legend shouting at people from the Business Society tent is actually the king.

“Bro, you’re doing Business. The Business Society is epic man. Pub Crawls, camps, beerio kart nights, ten pin bowling – you name it we drink and do it,” laughed the society member who is now consumed by the Business Society in an attempt to rise to the top of the clique.

With some free keep cups, pens, and other assorted shit in his bag already, West decided to try and get some insight into how he could also be an outgoing legend like the bloke who in front of him.

“Seriously, you won’t regret joining, so long as you just willingly buy into all of the wierd internal politics and stay clear from thinking critically about what goes inside the echo chamber,” said the Society rep.

“Last year, we made the thirsty firstys do shots off the older people’s belly buttons hahahaha”

“It was crazy”

“And we did a Great Gastby themed ball”

“And it looks great on your resume if you get a proper role in the society.”

Sprialling now into a bit of a frenzy, the Business Society member then handed James the iPad to sign up and get rolling on his new persona.

James then signed up and revealed to The Advocate that he’ll either just brush them after considering how over the top the society seems or commit and try and become a local legend within the society until he falls out with someone internally who feels like they have a bit of power and he drops off from attending events.


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