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With Dry July coming to an end, Emily Richmond, has discovered a new lease on life that has seen her find ambition and motivation that was previously buried deep below a fortress built on rosé and tequila.

While still in a crippling amount of debt, being behind on her phone bill and eating baked beans on cruskits for lunch, her impulsive purchase of a new leather-bound planning diary might just put this all behind her.

The Advocate sat down with Emily shortly after she purchased the diary to talk about just how much of a difference a small pad of paper can make.

“I didn’t plan on buying a new diary, but I’m already feeling more productive and like I’ve got my shit together.”

“It’s already making a huge difference, look, I’ve made a to-do list”

Emily’s first to-do list wasn’t very ambitious, it mostly comprised of house hold chores, meeting up with friends for coffee and reminders to call her mum.

“I read an article somewhere the other day that said successful people make lists, so that’s what I do now.”

It seems that despite Emily’s best intentions, she too, like many before her, might fall prey to the impulsive band-aid solution of the planning diary.

According to Officeworks, 70% of the planners they sell actually end up being recycled into lamp bases at hipster cafes – it’s so common in fact that they’ve added a bin out the front of their stores where people can return unused diaries.

We’ve set up a CCTV camera at the French Quarter store to see if Emily returns hers.

More to come.


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