She knows she shouldn’t do it.

She really knows she shouldn’t do it.

Why purposely hurt her own feelings? For what?

But as her fingers hover over her laptop keyboard, local woman Mia Brown just can’t help herself. Who knows, maybe she’ll end up feeling better about herself?

Highly doubtful, but still, there’s just no way she can contain her curiosity.

As she types the name ‘Isabella’ into the Instagram search bar, Mia is instantly bombarded with a slew of hot blondes, which should have been her first sign to halt the mission and turn back.


It’s alleged Mia had had the bright idea when she’d been tempted to scroll on her phone, but didn’t have the surgeon-like precision needed to not accidentally click on a story or like a photo from 56 weeks ago.

Remembering that the Safari browser not only gave her the option to stalk freely but also to see her new boyfriend’s recent follows, Mia listened to her subconscious voice which seemed to scream ‘fuck this relationship up as soon as possible.’

Tapping in the last few letters of her boyfriend’s ex’s surname, Mia knows she’s instantly fucked up when she spied the follower count and the words ‘Isabella Grayson’ in cursive followed by a witty bio and what looks to be an extensive Instagram feed with a consistent filter throughout.

Scrolling down the page, Mia is met with images of a popular blonde girl who appears to have an equally attractive friend group and an endless stream of followers who think she ‘looks gorgeous babe.’

Staring at a bikini pic showcasing a minuscule waist and perfect hip ratio, Mia stares down at her slightly stained pyjama top and grimaces before closing the laptop lid angrily and giving in to a solid cry.

More to come.


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