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In a controversial move, the board at Royal South Betoota Polytechnic will allow prospective students to rent their degrees from June this year.

Rather than accrue a lifelong HECS/HELP debt, school leavers and mature-age students alike can complete the study required by each course, then simply pay a small fee each week until they retire or no longer require a degree.

One young local says she plans to take up the offer.

Lucy Roper, of Betoota Grove, says she plans to study law next semester after spending this one saving up from a trip around Europe.

“It just makes sense,” she said.

“Rather than have the burden of this HECS debt following me around for the rest of my life, I can just do like four-years of study then pay like $100 a week thereafter. Then we I retire or want to start a family, I can just stop paying,”

“Plus, I don’t have to start paying it off until I get a job as a clerk or something. There’s only like a small deposit to secure your spot and that’s it. I’d be able to afford it by then!”

It’s a similar model to a proposed model put forward by Woolworths South Betoota, which has begun renting avocados to millennials. When the rental term is up, the avocados can be returned as faeces as long as they’re in a clear plastic sleeve.

The amount of weight the avocado has lost while in the digestive system of the young person is calculated and deducted from the security deposit.

More to come.



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