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In sad news, a local Betoota man has passed away this evening after his larrikin friend started singing happy birthday to him in a busy restaurant, even though it wasn’t his birthday.

It’s believed he died mid-way through the hip-hip-hooray segment, but that has not yet been confirmed as the whole restaurant was swept up in singing.

Tim Lacoste (30) was a shy man in big crowds, with only his friends getting to see the true, Tim.

The Advocate reached out to the friend responsible for Tim’s death to see just how the scene unfolded.  

“I just thought it would be funny” wallowed the jingle instigator, who requested anonymity.

“I didn’t know he was going to die”

“I should have listened, he begged me to stop, but that just egged me on further”

Witnesses at the scene are equally as distraught, some of them vowing to never return again.

“Every time I’d bite into some honey chicken I’d be reminded of what’s happened here tonight” commented one customer who looked like their love for honey chicken would win over their compassion.  

“I’ll never sing happy birthday again” said another.

Our reporter reached out to the restaurant owner for comment, however, we’re still waiting to hear back.

It’s believed the owners have hired a PR specialist to handle the situation for them.

Vale, Tim Lacoste 1991-2021.

More to come.


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