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A local millennial has today been able to pass on the baton to his teen nephew, by introducing him to the songs that he and his mates used to secretly listen to at that age, after illegally downloading from the web and giving the family computer multiple viruses.

It’s alleged Matt Wallace was tasked with minding his fourteen year old nephew Daniel for the day and had reportedly had trouble figuring out what to do, when he remembered what teenage boys love most – swear words and anything mentioning a penis.

And though he would have strongly denied it had absolutely nothing to do with him wanting to take a trip down memory lane, Matt figured if there was one way to bond with the nephew, it’d be through music.

Ushering Daniel over to his computer, Matt had asked him if he knew who Eminem was, which was met with a “DUH I’m dumb.”

“Yeah but I bet you don’t REALLY know Eminem.”

“This was when he was the king.”

Popping on some D12, Matt had smugly sat back and watched as Daniel ‘s eyes lit up in wonder, listening in awe to the soulful lyrics of ‘I’ll shit on you’ filled the air.

“I’ll shit on you, da da, da da, da da.”

“D-12 will shit on you.”

“I’ll shit on you”

Matt was later seen treating Daniel to some ‘Everywhere I go” by Hollywood Undead, “Family Reunion” by Blink 182, and his personal favourite, “Cigaro” by System of A Down.

More to come.


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