As Morrison decides to not engage with any media today, even Ash Barty wasn’t able to distract the news cycle from the chaos taking place in Parliament House today.

For the first time since Barnaby Joyce’s lovechild first made headlines, the media appears unforgiving in their reporting around the scandals plaguing the Coalition – with no rest in sight.

Even Murdoch papers appear determined to get to the bottom of the severe misconduct taking place within the ranks of the Liberal Party – telltale a sign that the Prime Minister has lost the confidence of his most loyaly supporters.

There is still three more days until the NRL season official kicks off with Indigenous All Stars match in Townsville this saturday, an event the Prime Minister would most likely give a wide berth even on a good day.

Today, on the day that Morrison decided to go into hiding, things have only gotten worse.

More and more details emerging from the sexual assault that took place in the Minister For Defence’s office in 2019, and Craig Kelly Member For Hughes having his Facebook shut down due to his incessant spreading of misinformation around vaccines.

Not since the Hawaii holiday, and subsequent rinsing down in Cobargo has the Prime Minister managed to put skepticism in the hearts of his millions of rusted on middle class voters.

We spoke to one die-hard Liberal voter from Betoota’s Flight Path District, who says that he’s not sure if Scotty is speaking his language anymore.

“Jeez he had me with franking credits…” says Paul Jensen, a 66-year-old white goods retailer who hasn’t voted for Labor since Hawke.

“But bloody hell. He spent last week dodging questions around Craig Kelly, and now he’s dodging questions around that incident in the Senator’s office”

Paul says if his Prime Minister can’t bring himself to address his internal issues publicly, he holds very little faith that they are being addressed behind the scenes.

“I know he faces a lot of unfair criticism as Prime Minister… But fuck me?!”

“I don’t remember voting for the rapist anti-vaxxer party”


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