At age thirty-four and inundated with a slew of minor health problems that could quickly spiral if left unchecked, local digital project manager Anthony Thomas has had to tone back his extracurricular activities and instead find happiness in small things.

Prior to this new lease on life, it’s alleged Anthony’s routine had consisted of working long hours during the week and getting shitfaced on the weekends with his group of equally hedonistic mates. 

However, now that he’s entered full adult territory, Anthony has given up his boozy benders and casual substance abuse in favour of more wholesome activities – such as making his very own homemade baba ganoush.

Had twenty-year-old Anthony seen the type of person he’d become, he’d likely have been both a bit shocked and disappointed with the sudden character change. But present Anthony is more than happy to delve headfirst into the dorky husband life, which complete with morning cuddles, lazy days in bed and having someone to send pictures of dogs to, is a hell of a lot better than his days as a bachelor. 

Today’s fun little husband adventure sees Anthony feeling a bit too excited to discover that not only is the car parked next to his the same model, but it’s also the same colour as well – which really shouldn’t be that mind-blowing given he drives a very generic car.

Texting a photo and the word ‘Car twins’ to his wife, Anthony grabs his bag full of eggplants and twists his key into the ignition, whistling to himself as Jamiroquai blasts loudly on the radio.

More to come.


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