A hungover uncle has today had to cave into peer pressure, when he was offered a token of apology from a toddler.

It’s alleged Neil Baker had unwisely gotten on the turps the night before a large family gathering and had rocked up feeling a little worse for wear.

The bright lights, coupled with the booming sounds of Pink Floyd’s Dark Side of the Moon album has done little to lessen the pounding sensation in his head, which along with his red-rimmed eyes has been a source of amusement to the older family members.

Neil likely would have been able to get away with being minimally social if it wasn’t for his sister’s toddler Jessie, who’d decided to take an uncharacteristically keen interest in him now that he was incapacitated.

Testing his motor skills by continually running over his uncle’s leg with a toy car, it’s evident that Jessie takes delight in Neil’s pain by his peels of maniacal laughter – a sure sign he’s got the makings of a sociopath.

Of course, his sadistic little performance could very likely be encouraged by the audience of enrapt adults, who find every little thing Jessie does worthy of applause. 

“Awww he likes uncle Neil!”

“He’s getting so strong.”

Taking one last look at his doting audience, Jessie hands Neil a half-sucked cracker as a gesture of good faith, which Neil has no option but to accept lest he face the entire wrath of his family.

More to come.


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