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Though a local woman says she wishes she could pull off the effortless French look, she often finds himself not knowing how to style a black turtleneck – which sucks, given how flattering it is to her figure.

The first time Lisa Hitchens had opted for the classic wardrobe staple, she’d made the mistake of pairing it with a black beret for an ultra chic twist, naively thinking that it made her look stylish. However, she was quickly brought down to earth when her colleagues started singing ‘Jesus died for our cynthias’, and asking her thoughts about consumerism. 

Not one to be defeated, Lisa had opted to later combine her turtleneck with a pair of green cargo pants and black combat style boots for her next attempt, unfortunately not factoring in the popular children’s TV show, Kim Possible – but not to worry, everyone made sure to remind her.

Refusing to admit sartorial defeat and now bordering on hysterical, Lisa figured she couldn’t go wrong with jeans and a simple chain necklace, causing her boyfriend to quickly barricade the door and suggest an outfit change, unless she wanted to be asked ‘what’s cooking?’

More to come.


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