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The Advocate has discovered that life can be like a photo, full of beautiful composition and meaning.

This comes after our team witnessed a terse exchange between two amateur photographers during the 5:30pm evening class of the Betoota Photography Academy’s introductory course held in the Old Majorca building above downtown’s Saudage Lane.

11 minutes after the class commenced, a tired-looking, dishevelled Heather Barnes (26) arrived. She apologised, citing work commitments, before finding a seat next to that rich kid, Walter Gauche (24).

Unimpressed by Barnes’ tardiness, Gauche asked rhetorically, “do you even want to be here?”

Shocked, Barnes replied in the affirmative, explaining that she had to work late.

“Had?” Gauche asked with a punchable expression on his face. “You don’t have to do anything. You chose to work late. Is your supermarket job really what you want to do with your life?”

Slightly embarrassed but also angry, Barnes replied, “It’s just a job to pay the bills.”

This did not impress Gauche, who admonished her by shaking his head and repeatedly ‘tisked’.

“Don’t just find a job, babes. Find your passion.” Gauche lectured from a position of superiority. “Do that and you’ll never work a day in your life, believe me.”

As Barnes knew Gauche was a wealthy trust fund baby who had never had a job, rage became her.

Gauche continued. “I could just find some job,” he checked the dial on his $15,500 SLR camera, “but photography is my all consuming passion, and nothing gets in the way of that.”

The Advocate saw steam exiting from Barnes’ ears. She could no longer contain herself.

“Wow, if you’re able to live off your passion you must make a ton of money selling your photos, do you?” she asked with a terrible amount of sarcasm.

This startled Gauche, who seemed to hyperventilate for a moment before recovering.

He said, “If you’re truly passionate about something, money isn’t important. I judge the quality of my photos on –“

“How do you fucken pay for food then?” interrupted Barnes.

Gauche froze. He tried to think of a good response, but went quiet.

“That’s what I fucken thought,” spat Barnes, who went on to ignore Gauche for the rest of the class.”

More to come.


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