25 March, 2017. 12:23

ERROL PARKER | Editor-at-large | Contact

Men are often criticized for not being able to do two things at once, however, most men are able to urinate and spit at the same time – which has become an area of interest for Australia’s peak scientific body.

Launching a $455m study into why men spit in the urinal before they start pissing has been a passion project for CSIRO researcher Sarah Turner for over a decade.

“I’m excited to finally get to the bottom of this phenomenon,” she said.

“Look, it’s always been an area of interest for me. Men are often labeled as being oafish and simple, but after learning that boys all around the country are able to spit and piss at the same time, I knew I had to find out why.”

In addition to the original study, Turner has been allotted a further $65m to investigate why men enjoying pissing on urinal pucks – when when they know it’ll splash back onto them and whoever else is standing at the trough.

More to come.


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