A country bloke has today revealed he might be somewhat of a Freudian nightmare, after describing his ideal woman with words solely used to describe a mother.

It’s reported that David Pembroke was having a chat with some of his mates one Sunday afternoon when the conversation naturally progressed from chatting about starting a business together to discussing current flings.

Though David himself wasn’t seeing anyone, he’d cited his hatred of social media as the prime reason why he doesn’t have a girlfriend and why today’s women aren’t ‘wife material.’

This, of course, is spearheaded by David’s very select criteria of what an ideal woman should be like, which sounds suspiciously a lot like his mother.

“I’m really looking for someone who can look after a household”, says David.

“You know, someone with traditional values.”

“Good cook, keep a tidy home.”

“Will pull me up if I act out of line but always offer me unconditional love.”

“Oh, and look after me when I get sick. That sort of thing.”

Though this description could be seen as harmless if used in conjunction with traits not just confined to a motherly description such as ‘ a good sense of humour’, the fact that this was all he could come up with is in itself, very concerning.

More to come.


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