Feeling isolated from the small rural property he has spent a few months in total on since he started high school, Ben Hogan made a heartfelt purchase today.

Ben is what Queenslanders describe as a ‘Queen Street Cowboy’ – an urban man who adopts rural culture and dress in an effort to network at the top end of town.

Named after the Brisbane CBD engine room of Queen Street, the Queen Street Cowboys are not necessarily isolated to Brisbane. Many live in the Gold Coast, Townsville – and of course ‘God’s Holding Paddock’ in the Sunshine Coast.

The 25-year-old Markets Analyst in Betoota’s Old City District decided to purchase a rain gauge online in order to keep an eye on ‘how many mils we got overnight.’

The commerce graduate and former day boarder explained that he’s been feeling for everyone back ‘home’ over the last few months.

“I just thought I’d pop online and order the rain gauge so I can keep an eye on whether we got any rain during the night you know what I mean,” explained the young man who heads back to his family property for a few days either side of Easter and Christmas.

“I mean ‘Whistlebairn,’ (that’s the name of my folk’s property), is a few hundred kilometres from here, but if we got a bit in town then hopefully they got a bit out there as well you know.”

Hogan explained that he tends to call up after there’s been a shower in town to tell his parents he hopes some of it made it out there way.

“Yeah, it bloody kills me when we get a bit in here and they don’t get any out there” he says, in reference to his apartment bacony.

“Anyway I’ve whacked the gauge up on the back fence (balcony railing) so hoping for a shower tonight to see how it goes.”



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