Not even two years after putting down half a home deposit on an extravagant wedding that got rained out anyway, Betoota Heights-based builder Greg Anasta has today learnt that young fatherhood is also paved with overpriced necessities as well

First up, the pram.

Like so may men before him that aren’t as engaged in a pregnancy as their partners who are carrying a child, Greg honestly thought that four wheels and a bit of shade was enough.

He’s quickly learning that, like weddings, babies are a name-the-price industry – and he is not in a position to negotiate.

His wife, Debbie, knows about how frugal he can be when it’s time to pay for something that doesn’t directly contribute to his idea of recreational joy.

That’s why she’s come out on the front foot and shut down any research he’s done into “decent prams” that aren’t the exact same one that Debbie’s been recommended by the online mother’s groups.

With a relatively disposable income that he would prefer to blow on camping equipment, Greg has today unveiled a medium-priced pram that is more than capable of transporting their child between point A and point B.

Debbie, trying as hard as Greg is to keep this to a light-hearted discussion, gently informs her husband that his proposed pram is more of a ‘stroller’.

Greg retorts by pointing out that apparently his pick is the highest-selling pram in French Canada, and that must mean it’s good.

Debbie says she’s not gonna be pushing her child around town in a pram that doesn’t even recline.  t

Greg responds by highlighting it’s compactability and how handy it will be when they are trying to load it into the back of the brand new dual-cab Ford Ranger that he just HAD to buy for his growing family.

Debbie responds by pointing out that his piece of shit suggestion doesn’t even adhere to ACCC product safety standards.

Greg, trying a new angle, says he read somewhere that tether straps and safety harnesses are just snake oil in the pram game, and that a waist and a crotch strap is more than enough.

Debbie, no longer prepared to play nice, wraps up this discussion by telling Greg that their child will be taking her last name and his mother will not be allowed anywhere near it..



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