A charismatic local bloke from Betoota’s Flight Path District has today revealed why he refuses to get any hairstyle other than the blade 4 crewcut.

Kev Corrigan (33), one of two Asian mates in a diverse social circle of deadshits from the light industrial outskirts of South Betoota, says he can never again bring himself to grow his hair out to the point of having a fringe.

“I’m never goin’ back” says Kev, as he recounts the thirteen long years of trauma he endured while having one of the most silky smooth bowl cuts in the Diamantina Shire.

Kev says from the moment he turned 13 and managed to wrangle a visit with his dad to the local Greek barber, he’s never looked back.

“My hair is beautiful” he says.

“That’s the problem”

“I could have the most stunning Steve Aoki mane…”

“But everyone knows you have to plough through the bowl cut if you want the pony tail. And I’m never going there again”

Eli Rolfe, the group’s other Asian mate, says he can relate – even though he went a different route in high school by growing the long peroxided side-fringes, during their brief departure from the friendship circle during the pool hall days.


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