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A local Chiropractor has confirmed today that unfortunately almost everyone is suffering from scoliosis.

Scoliosis is a sideways curvature of the spine, and in most cases the cause is unknown.

The practitioner, who is notably not a doctor, and isn’t really in fact a trained medical professional at all, explained to The Advocate this morning that it’s scary how many people actually have scoliosis.

While actual doctors prescribe certain types of treatment to help with the condition, local chiropractor in the French Quarter, Shon Key, insists the best treatment is coming in and seeing her.

Shon explained that rather than surgery or physiotherapy, the only way scoliosis can be effectively dealt with for the ‘95% of people who actually live with the condition,’ is by stopping in for 15 plus visits at her ‘practice’.

“I wish it wasn’t the case, but unfortunately, the only way to deal with issues like scoliosis and many others is to be seen to by a chiropractor,” Key said.

“For scoliosis, I usually help resolve problems associated with the condition by vaguely massaging snake oil into the clients back for 30ish minutes.”

“Do not, under any circumstances, listen to your GP or your Physiotherapist on stuff like this.”

“Just come in and see me for a few sessions if you are serious about your health.”

More to come.


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