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A local chippy has reduced his jobsite to tears this afternoon, after hitting his young apprentice with a classic one liner.

“Working half days now are we Hugo,” yelled the 59-year-old soon to be grandfather a short time ago.

He dropped the never failed sledge on Hugo after the young bloke started packing his tools up 15 minutes before the boys normally call it a day.

“Good for some aye,” the boss then winked to the rest of the crew, all keeled over in stitches at the hilarious comic display.

“Mum missing ya is she?” he continued, causing howls of laughter to bellow out across the new cookie-cutter 4 bedroom triple garage resi job in Betoota’s recently made up Golf Course Estate.

The chat continued for some 5 minutes with other blokes intermittently chiming in with generic shit chat to try and get some audible pats on the back.

Hugo, the under siege employee explained to The Advocate a short time ago that he actually told the boss a couple of days ago he’d be leaving early, and he’s not even sure why it was a thing.

“Ah well, good bit fun for all involved aye. I might turn up like 2 minutes late tomorrow just to set em all off again,” he laughed.


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