A local woman who’s been weighing up whether she’s attracted to a potential beau has had her feelings confirmed one sunny Sunday afternoon after watching her crush parallel park, it’s reported.

Elisha Reynolds [22] had reportedly been on the fence for a couple of weeks, having experienced a major ick when she spied his butt crack one day. But after showing his pictures to her group of girlfriends who all agreed he was ‘pretty cute’ Elisha took the group confirmation as a sign she should give the tradie another chance. This has culminated in her agreeing to a picnic in the park, and for the lovely lad to pick her up from her home.

Though Elisha had spent the majority of the ride enjoying his company and favourably viewing his side profile, she’d fallen into the classic dating app trap of believing there was always a better choice. This in turn had given her a false sense of security that has unfortunately resulted in her dismissing every potential beau the second they exhibited anything that could be deemed a red flag – such as the time she refused a second date with a bloke who said Limp Bizkit was his favourite band. Though, chances are she did dodge a major bullet there.

However, all impartial feelings towards the gentleman quickly came to a halt as soon as they rolled into Jason Little Reserve, when her date had no other choice but to parallel park. 

Watching as he placed his arm behind her headset and peered back over his left shoulder, Elisha was instantly wooed and a little confused by her attraction to the seemingly innocent move but attracted nonetheless. Thus confirming a third or even a fourth date in the future, especially if he decides to rock up wearing some grey sweatpants.

More to come.


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