A waiter at the grove’s ‘The Gilded Frog’ has today proven that there is such a thing as being too hospitable, after failing to read what was obviously a very tense atmosphere.

It’s reported an older couple were seen entering the fine dining restaurant during lunchtime and were described as rather ‘terse looking’ by onlookers, who also noted that they offered few words to each other whilst scanning the menu.

It’s unknown how or why the silence had exploded into a bout of expletive insults, but it’s evident that the spat was noticed by every person in the restaurant – except it appears, by the hapless waiter designated to their section.

As the passive-aggressive comments turned into full-blown vicious mockery (including a very targeted barb about cankles), the couple was interrupted mid-flight for a very enthusiastic daily special announcement.

“Hi, just letting you guys know our daily special is the chef’s favourite pumpkin soup.”

“HIGHLY recommend it myself, especially with a side of the cheesy sourdough bread.”

“Do you want me to take your orders now orrrrr should I come back?”

Pausing the argument to swivel their heads towards the intruder, the couple is said to have wordlessly shot daggers at the waiter until he finally had the sense to make a swift exit.

More to come.


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