The nation’s head of marketing has fronted the media today with some welcome good news.

Scotty has revealed that we as a nation have successfully rescued 26 Joeys boys from Afghanistan today.

The huge win comes as the RAAF Hercules touched down in Dubai today, with 26 people on board, and a hundred or so empty spots on the plane.

The emergency flight comes a couple of days after the Taliban rolled through Afghanistan’s capital in a matter of hours.

However, with the world watching on as the heartbreaking scenes out of Afghanistan unfold, questions have been raised as to why the Hercules wasn’t filled up to its 130 person capacity.

“Look before everyone starts asking questions I don’t like, we got our boys out,” said Scotty from Marketing a short time ago.

“The most important first obviously,” he laughed.

“Will go back and try and pick up some others, but we had to get our priorities in order”

“If only people in our armed forces told me months ago that we needed to start getting our people and our allies out of the country about to be run by warlords,” he said.

Scotty’s comments come as returned service people, others within the military, and ordinary residents with a moral compass continue to plead with the bloke in charge to get the people who helped us out before they are murdered by the Taliban.

“I wish it could have been different. I wish we could have filled the plane up with people who are clinging to the outside of aircraft as they fly into the sky, but it is what it is.”

“I mean, if we wanna talk blame, have a go at the CIA for running Operation Cyclone and helping Afghani militia fight their battles for them.”

More to come.


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