The head of Marketing at the Federal Government of Australia has raised eyebrows today.

This comes after Prime Minister Scotty from Marketing turned up in the Northern Rivers with a pool noodle, a Wahu footy and an upbeat attitude.

Following torrential rain in the region, which has seen record breaking floods, Scotty decided to visit the town of Lismore to cheer up locals and get a few photos, like he did a few summers ago.

Like many other regions in along the Eastern Seaboard, Lismore is currently cleaning up from the most devastating weather event in its history.

Switching up his Hawaiin shin swingers for his brand new Cronulla Sharks Budgy Smugglers in an effort to seem more relatable and with the times, the Prime Minister asked if anyone wanted to have a bit of fun.

“We could get the boogie boards out and find some rapids,” he laughed after failing to get any takers.

“Hey look, I brought this brand new Wahu,” he followed up to a disinterested resident trying to figure out what to do about everything they ever owned being destroyed.

Seemingly having failed to learn from his gaffes, Scotty then tried to pinch a handshake from a Lismore tinny driver.

However, in an awkward scenario that made all onlooking very uncomfortable, Scotty quickly recoiled when one resident did offer up their hand.

With mud and muck covering the outstretched hand, Scotty pulled back suddenly picking, before picking up his Wahu footy and running off with his team.


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