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Personal trainer Michelle Langley (24) has done the unthinkable and treated herself to some unpoached chicken for the first time since she began her strict meal plan three years ago.

It was a cheat meal she had been planning on rewarding herself with for weeks.

Upon finishing the 156-week ‘Kick-a-Chick’ meal and exercise plan, Langley immediately headed to KFC where she reportedly splurged and hedonistically ordered a Zinger box and a side of Original Recipe chicken.

“I’ve bloody earnt this, that meal plan was even harder than my TAFE course,” she said to our reporters.

Having lived off high protein, low taste meals such as poached chicken, steamed vegetables and the unidentified contents of a dish called a “Buddha bowl,” Langley is relieved to finally eat something that has some flavour and feels content with a bottle of Pepsi Max and a few pirated episodes of Survivor.

Whilst she ploughed through the meal with the speed and satisfaction of a piss-wrecked fourth-grade footy player, Langley battled back inner thought pangs by consoling herself with the fact that she was eating fresh Aussie chicken.

“Fuck knows where those Buddha Bowls are made anyway.” she thought to herself.

“And you’ve gotta treat yourself you know. I’ve just spent effectively 10% of my life eating cardboard, so something with a bit of flavour was well and truly needed.”

Langley explained that while she was looking forward to her unpoached chicken, she was not expecting to react to the flavour with a rapid series of overwhelming tears of joy and one period where she blacked out and woke up speaking in tongues with a chicken drumstick hanging out of her mouth.

After eating the Zinger Box, Langley reportedly lay on her bed drafting up a ‘cheeky’ yet ‘honest’ cheat day post about a meal many people eat regularly, to share with her followers.

More to come.



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