With the post Origin lull finally behind us, the blue-collar language that is Rugby League is currently being spoken at record levels across NSW, Queensland and tiny ex-pat pockets of Melbourne.

And that means one fan, Bruce Shalyer, has taken the opportunity today to remind everyone just how much he hates one of the NRL’s powerhouse clubs.

Speaking over the comms with the boys and girls at work, Bruce decided to respond to some rugby league sledging with a trademark replay.

“Ahaha fuck the Storms,” laughed the big fella over the walkie talkie after a Melbourne fan started getting into him.

The sledging comes as the Eastern seaboard prepares itself for the first week of finals, with the defending premiers the Melbourne Storm (no ‘s’) taking on Tom Trbojevic tomorrow night.

As a result, blokes like Bruce have been forced to put up with tribal sledges that come more frequently as a result of September football.

“Tommy’s gonna fold the Storms tomorrow boys girls, just you watch,” continued the man who has been corrected hundreds of times for adding an s to the team’s name.

The Storm is the only team in the NRL without an s after their name, which their fans take real pride in pointing out as a point of difference – which inevitably leads to people who hate their team consistently baiting them.

“Can’t wrestle the bloke when you can’t touch him. Your boy Munster won’t even be able to get a foot near him,” he laughed.

“Fuckkkkkk the Storms”

The Storm fan who isn’t from Victoria and started going for the purple team before he spent a few months down there a while ago then responded with some chat about Manly being a one-man team.

The conversation then descended into sledges that we cannot publish, before the boys agreed they all want the Roosters to lose.

More to come.


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