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Local mum Trudy Adams is just so proud of her daughter, Anna, who works for Betoota’s biggest finance firm, Peters&Sons&Partners.

According to Trudy, Anna works really hard and is a real asset to the company.

When asked how she knows the inner workings of the firm and how they rate the value of their employees, Trudy revealed it was because Anna was always in meetings.

“In the movies only important people have meetings, when she gets an assistant, I’ll know she has truly made it”

The Advocate managed to catch Anna, presumably in between meetings, to chat about her success and just how proud her mother was of her.

“Ahh yeah, the whole meeting thing”

“Sometimes I am in them, but most of the time I just use them as an excuse to screen her call”

“I could answer it if it was important, but she just calls to ask me about how to send a gif or something like that”

“Thinking I’m in meetings keeps her happy, so let’s go with that for now”

More to come.


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