As she stares at the sleeping body lying next to her, local woman Jayde Thompson briefly entertains the idea that she may have found the one.

You see, after a string of nice dates filled with witty banter and courteous behaviour, Jayne has found herself feeling something she’s never felt before – apprehensive hope.

The twenty-four-year-old chronically single woman is said to have developed a hard shell from years spent on dating apps, where she was continually bombarded with thinly veiled hookup attempts and downright lewd suggestions.

Often pinballing between giving up all attempts of love and leaning into the hookup culture, or spending her Sunday evenings reflecting on her loneliness, Jayde has now reached a point where her dating bar is considerably low – in fact, it’s pretty much on the floor.

When local bloke Will had reached out with a simple ‘how was your weekend?’, Jayde had joyfully entered the conversation with hopes he’d ask the one question many blokes on dating apps seemed to avoid – namely, taking her out for dinner instead of some ambiguous ‘drinks.’

As the dinner launched a series of dates which then resulted in a night of passion, Jayde was surprised to find her new beau had opted for a cuddle, instead of throwing in a casual remark that he had to get up early the next day.

This common decency is alleged to have sent Jayde into quite the tailspin and left her feeling a little bit confused. Which may or may not be a result of the surging endorphins she felt being held for the first time in years.

It’s uncertain if Jayde has found her match, or if it’s just the first time she’s swiped right on a bloke that didn’t look as though he shopped exclusively at yd.

Whatever the reason, Jayde remains cautiously optimistic about the promising young man and will try to avoid picturing their new life together every night before she goes to sleep.

More to come.


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