The nation has been left a little confused overnight after Wikileaks founder Julian Assange randomly popped up out of nowhere rabbiting on about changes to superannuation.

This comes despite the fact his full extradition hearing is set to take place in 6 days time, to determine whether he will be sent to the US to face espionage charges because he went above and beyond his duty as a journalist to reveal the behaviour of United States government and military, which the vast majority of people would confirm was in the public interest.

“Scotty, Joshy, think about it again. This is a really bad idea,” said Assange last night about the proposed stall on lifting superannuation from 9.5% to 12% next year, which will effectively serve as something of pay rise for many workers who haven’t seen one for nearly a decade.

“This is bullshit of the highest order,” said the Townsville born activist who appeared via video link on something that didn’t look like a British prison where he has been held since May last year.

It’s not yet known why the large commercial channels were allowing the opinions of the activist to be broadcast freely, but it’s believed they won’t be checking in with him during his extradition hearings.

When asked by The Advocate how he was feeling about the case in a later interview, Assange blew up.

“Seriously?” he said.

“Seriously? You think you are funny?”

“Really funny,” he finished before moving away from the camera and issuing a serious of expletives about our inland news organ.

More to come.


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