A local grown man sized bag of human faeces has been left scratching his head this afternoon.

Finishing up a big week of work, young Max Smith thought he’d treat himself to a little 5′ o’clock shower before heading down to the pub today.

However, to his shock and confusion, the young Investment Analysis Specialist was greeted by a fridge without any beer in it.

Scratching his head and wondering why there weren’t beers in the fridge, Max then looked in the pantry, only to discover, low and behold, there were none there either.

Dazed and confused, the young man then asked his 5 house mates in the group chat when the ‘beer man’ was coming this week.

“Hey guys, anyone know when the beer man gets here, just wanna know whether I should wait around or not,” he messaged a short time ago.

“Also can some let the bin man know that he forgot to take the bins out again.”

One of Max’s housemates then informed us that they think that the young man is genuinely under the impression that someone refills the fridge at no cost every week.

“Yeah, I think he just assumes someone else does it, because I can’t remember the last time he popped down to grab a case of Betoota Bitter from the shops,” his housemate said.

“Ah well, it is what it is, maybe one day he’ll cotton on when everyone stops buying beers.”

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