A young real estate agent has allegedly been shunned by the entire team at ‘Betoota  Heights Realtors’, for not adopting the appropriate dress code, it’s reported.

Gianni Linettit-Gardiner [22] was allegedly doing quite well with his real estate initiation, having bought a few rotating pairs of boat shoes, a couple of suits from Tarocash and an expensive watch. He’d even created an Instagram account solely devoted to photos of him standing in front of sold signs, with the expression and stance of a world weary super hero. 

Though this full immersion has seen him lose his entire friendship group due to his seemingly overnight transformation into a wanker, he’s been thoroughly embraced by his fellow cult members – who too swapped their personality in favour of telling people at parties how much they earn each week.

Unfortunately for Gianni, his commitment to the cause is today being questioned as he’s forgotten the most crucial part of being a real estate agent –  slicking back his hair with an entire tub of hair gel. Which makes no sense, given he’s already adopted the Pidgeotto style haircut every male member of his team sports. 

So bad is this social faux pas, that Gianni has reportedly been demoted from selling homes in the French Quarter, to sorting out rental properties with cracked drywall in the Betoota Ponds.

Our reporter speaks to a member of his team, to find out if there’s anything Gianni can do to redeem himself.

“At the end of the day, it’s very unprofessional”, says head Realtor Michael Percy-Harding, “everybody knows when you join a real estate agency, you have to conform.”

“He may as well have rocked up wearing a singlet and cargo shorts.”

Adding that ‘we essentially have the arrogance of lawyers without the qualifications”, Michael says he’s willing to give Gianni one more chance but he’ll  ‘prolong the punishment for a little while longer to build some character.’

More to come.


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