Local woman Kylie Ranch had simply wanted to get a wisdom tooth checkup when she was put on the spot and asked about her future plans.

It’s alleged the 26-year-old had been experiencing some pain in her back teeth and thought it might be a sign her wisdom teeth were finally coming in.

Though she’d ordinarily avoid going to the dentist – as evident by the several years between appointments – Kylie had no other chance but to book when the pain became too much too bare – a sure sign that her wisdom tooth was coming in at an angle and hell-bent on ruining the three years of orthodontic work her parents had paid a fortune for. 

However, it’s reported she’d been momentarily stumped when the receptionist queried whether she’d be available for a follow up appointment when the dentist was next available – which just so happened to be roughly two years later.

“Are you available May 28th 2024 at 8:45 am?”

Handing over her credit card and wincing slightly at the $300 bill, Kylie takes a solid minute to  work out if she’s got anything planned on that day before awkwardly nodding her confirmation.

More to come.


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