Namely, the commonly accepted theory that climate change is a myth that has been orchestrated by leftie elites who enjoy seeing coal miners losing their jobs and living in poverty.

With a vast majority of Northern NSW and South-East QLD battling never-ended storms and floods, the Great Barrier Reef in the midst of yet another potentially irreversible bleaching event, and half the nation still reeling from being burnt to the ground by record-breaking bushfires 18 months ago – Australians are starting to question everything our government and the Murdoch newspapers have told us about climate change.

Or their position that any politician who wants to take action on protecting the planet from man made environmental damage are actually just secret communists who loathe the idea of Australia having a decent economy.

In 2018, Rupert Murdoch flew to Australia from Manhattan to host a long lunch with all the major media owners in which he gave orders to make sure Prime Minister Turnbull got sacked from his role because he kept talking about how burning an industrial amount of fossil fuels at an accelerating rate for over 200 years was potentially harmful for the environment – roughly a year before the entire country actually lit on fire.

As the NewsCorp collumnists will tell you, this kind of ‘environmentalist’ rhetoric is nothing but the self-congratulatory musings of a detached elite who is so rich and idealistic that he’s lost touch with the common people like Andrew Bolt and Miranda Devine.

However, today, with the third once-in-a-century flood this decade washing the lifeless black soil of unrecovered bushfire zones back into the Mid North NSW ocean to kill all the sea life, Australians are beginning to wonder if 99% of the worlds scientists were actually on to something when they first starting talking about this climate change stuff 40 years ago.

One of the more alarming studies into atmospheric physics was the Special Report on Global Warming of 1.5 °C – which was published by the Intergovernmental Panel on Climate Change (IPCC) on 8 October 2018, and subsequently ignored by anyone who had the power to do anything because it might upset the Mining corporations that make up the largest advertising spend in Australian media and the largest donations in Australian politics.

While business leaders and the global political classes are struggling to acknowledge very alarming findings related to carbon emissions and climatology in general, the good news is that Australia’s recurring natural disasters have fianlly managed to communicate to the masses a relatively accessible summation of the global scientific community’s consensus on the man-made effects of climate change.


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